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Do you want to know yourself?

Learn how to find your balance and harmony

Project Charinity is a program aimed at finding and developing harmony and balance in a woman’s life.

We will learn how to be healthy, loved, professional, creative, interesting and happy.


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Марина Мельник

Letter from the authors of the project

What is the right way to go through life on earth? What should we carry into each of our days? Harmony, love, and joy are in the hearts of everyone we meet. Without having it in you, you cannot give it to others. You can only give what you have yourself.

In the life of a modern woman, unfortunately, there is an imbalance.

Some of us are completely absorbed in work. We allow work to absorb us and take away our physical and, even worse, mental strength so that it becomes impossible to give at least a little warmth to our loved ones, not to mention just people we meet.

Some people devote themselves entirely to their children, forgetting everything around them, limiting the child to their constant attention and excessive care.

Someone is too keen on his appearance, forgetting about developing internal and professional qualities and not considering labor a necessary component.

These are the clearest examples of our imperfections, and each of us knows best which part of her life suffers. Do we look like the Real women Life would want us to be? We don’t. We realize it, and realization is the first step to perfection.

Project Charinity is a program aimed at finding and developing harmony and balance in a woman’s life. We will learn to be healthy, loved, professional, creative, exciting, and happy.

The Charinity project is created for us, for our friends and colleagues, and for all the women who want to find inner harmony and balance, to feel the continuous joy of living here and now: working, creating, traveling, learning new things, taking care of themselves, running a household, bringing newfound strength and joy to everyone and each of their work.

In our project, we want to help women find themselves. With the help of defining training, you will be able to answer the question of what are the important components of your life left unattended to identify their “developmental areas.”

We will work on ourselves together, attending professional and creative workshops to choose a hobby – to realize your creative potential; develop your professional skills; travel to famous and little-known places in the country; study etiquette, and art, shape your image, learn how to look after yourself and stand up for yourself; watch the suggested films and read books.

See you soon, Charinity project authors.

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