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5 ways to charge yourself with energy 

While diving into daily activities, you can often feel the lack of strength and energy.

🪫 Even healthy sleep and proper diet can’t always keep the internal battery fully charged: it’s important to fuel it emotionally as well.

We’ve prepared several ways to charge yourself with energy in case the resource state is already on the verge of exhaustion.

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1. The simplest but not the least effective is movement. Force yourself to do a workout, yoga, or go for a run. During a break at work, you can take a walk — change the environment at least for 30 minutes.

2. Communication. Spend time with friends or a family when you have free time. Sitting at a computer or TV doesn’t fill you with pleasant emotions, it only exhausts you.

3. Find time for activities that give you pleasure. Hobbies, meditation, drawing, music. Give yourself a break and do things you love.

4. Do what you can. Studies have shown that using strengths at work makes people happier, more productive, and thus increases energy levels.

5. Spend your weekend actively. Change the scenery and relax for a few days in nature away from home. Find a place of strength and inspiration.