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7 movies about feminine women

We are sure that at least once you’ve asked yourself what femininity is.

✨ Each of us has it because all the cells of our body are female. 

The only question is how to hear the voice of our peculiarity. It’s not the loudest one and the flow of external information mutes it so often.

You can find good examples of femininity in cinema. Therefore, we’ve prepared 7 movies for you where the actress herself and her heroine show what femininity can look like 💜

It’s time to get inspired as well as to find an image that is closer to you while having a great time.

1. The Age of Adaline, 2015

The main character, Adaline, was born in the 20th century and has been living for more than 100 years without getting old. Despite the events that happened to her, the woman remains indestructible and timeless — not only her appearance, but also her state of mind. Having passed all the tests, she was able to find the strength to open up and fall in love.

2. The Notebook, 2004

Allie is a girl with high self-esteem.

The movie is a story of the relationship between Allie and Noah. The couple spent an unforgettable summer together until they were separated: at first by parents, and then by World War II.

How Allie goes through all these events and what actions she takes — watch in the movie!

3. The Veiled Lady, 2015

The story of a girl who was born in the family of a noble count, but became a hostage to fate because of the insidious intrigues created by criminals.

The inspiration of this movie is an image of the heroine Clara, her natural beauty — both external and internal.

4. The Vow, 2015

Paige and Leo get into a car accident which leads to Paige’s memory loss.  

Paige is a strong girl who puts herself, her interests and dreams in the first place. She forgets her past life and her husband. Will Paige be able to remember everything and will love appear again?

5. The Women, 2008

Mary Haines is a woman who lives an absolutely happy life. At least as it seems. She has a great house, a loving husband, a child, a friend and a good job.

But she is stuck in everyday life and has lost herself. Then she is fired and, in addition, she finds out that her husband cheats on her. After some crying, she kicks her husband out of the house and begins to have an active life.

6. The mirror has two faces, 1996

Rose understood the human soul, but dreamt about fairy tale romance. Her relationship with Gregory came to a marriage.

Soon Rose realizes that by having changed dramatically she has started to attract men with her external beauty and no one pays attention to her soul. Gregory, who fell in love with her for who she is, was the only one…

How has this affected Rose? Search for the answer in the movie 🙂

7. Eat. Pray. Love, 2010

One day Elizabeth Gilbert understands that she doesn’t live the life she used to dream about.

After a painful divorce, she sets off on a journey around the world that will help her to discover new horizons and get to know herself.

The spiritual quest of the main character and her courage are very inspiring. You’ll like it 🙂

Movies can motivate and change our worldview. We really hope that this collection will be useful to you. Enjoy watching!