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Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM / Sat - Sun: 9 AM – 4 PM

“The Whole Personality” Course

It all starts with a whole person, in which four key aspects are balanced






What are you striving for and what is really behind the desires

With the help of the Harmonious Development Map, developed by Marina Melnick, founder of Charinity, you will be able to determine your current location and build a strategy for reaching a new level of interaction with the world.

Personality Indicators, from the Map of Harmonious Development

Карта гармоничного развития

Seeking for a beautiful self image, the course will help develop Personal Magnetism

By wanting a conscious, fulfilling relationship you will enter the Harmony in your couple

Expecting to receive an interesting activity you will also receive the Joy of it

Tune in to financial well-being and bring your finances into balance

Now your hobby will be more than just a supplement to your varied leisure time and way of relaxing. A well-designed leisure time defines your Freedom of Expression

By giving more to the cozy space around you you are creating a hygge

One-to-one course

"Whole Personality"

We will set goals together with you and achieve them! We will pass all the tools and practices for further movement in your personal spiral development in each of your chosen areas or by completing the full course “Charivna Zheninka” in 12 months.

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Build Your New Personality