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More often than not, throughout our lives we move thoughtlessly up the career ladder or stand still at all. We don’t use our resources to the maximum, because we don’t even know what our strengths are.

Career planning is a very important, key aspect of professional life. It is something that, even in the face of lightning change, allows you to stay afloat and set your own direction, rather than drifting with the current.

We invite you to a master class on career planning, after which you will:

  • push the boundaries and understand that a successful career is not just about getting into executive positions;
  • you will be able to choose your approach to professional development;
  • identify your strengths;
  • gather the areas of work that interest you most;
  • set a real goal, not one imposed by someone else;
  • identify your immediate development areas;
  • build a competent, effective CV;
  • be prepared for interviews at different levels.