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Now you can buy almost anything in the stores, factories and industries supply the market with goods for all tastes and wallets. But, despite this, now more than ever, handmade things and products are popular. The desire to express individuality, to stand out from the crowd, gives rise to a desire to sew and decorate clothes, to make original accessories, to give unique gifts, made by hand.

Everyone wants to join the world of handmade beauty, but not everyone has special skills in sewing, painting or modeling. Of course, you can learn everything, but sometimes it takes a very long time, and you want to create right now! In this case, we recommend that you learn how to make decoupage. Here, as well as in any creative activity, you can’t do without artistic taste and sense of beauty, but all this gradually comes and develops with experience. And experience in decoupage is much faster than, for example, in classical painting or sculpture.

Decoupage is a way of decorating objects by gluing on them various motifs or images cut out of paper and matching the artistic idea of the master.

Using the technique of decoupage, you can make things of amazing beauty! It can be something completely new, for example, a blank casket, toy, panel, etc. If you create such a thing yourself, you can present it to friends and relatives as an interesting gift.

You can also apply decoupage to breathe a second life into old things and objects. An old chest of drawers, or grandmother’s lamp bored you or no longer fit the interior? Don’t rush to throw them in the trash, try to transform them with decoupage!

What you will learn

  • Artistic conception of work, choice of image and decoupage napkins.
  • Surface preparation and priming. 
  • Peeling and gluing the napkin on the decoupage glue.
  • Reworking/drawing. You may need to modify the background or slightly complete the drawing on the cloth.
  • Varnish. 

Additional decorations are optional.

For each attracted attendee you get a discount of 10%.

Planned date and time: In the process of group recruiting

Location: specify by phone