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Eco activity, the result of which you can arrange a home or work space – what could be better? 🙂

Driftwood is pioneering woodworking, because nature has already done everything for you. Why do we say that? Because Driftwood is wood that has been floating in the sea for a long time, salted and now requires no additional treatment.

Driftwood itself is already a work of art. All we have to do is think of the details and create a coherent concept.

Driftwood can be incredibly cool designer lamps, shelves, chairs, pouffes, clocks, mirrors, key holders, large furniture and absolutely anything else your imagination can make up.

At the driftwood workshop you will learn:

  • see beauty in different shapes and textures;
  • apply the basics of driftwood to create works of art;
  • decorate interiors harmoniously with your own handmade wooden creations.