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The job interview is the culmination of the employment process. Interviews with employers are stressful even for professional and experienced job seekers, so it is important to think in advance about how to behave during the interview and how to answer the questions asked by the recruiter. Do you know how to be successful at a job interview and what to be prepared for?

After our master class, you will be able to interview effectively and get job offers that are interesting to you, giving you the opportunity to achieve your career goals. 

What you will learn

  • phone Interview / pre-screening interview;
  • types of interviews, common questions and answers;
  • self-presentation;

The master class uses group discussions, case studies of recruiters, and video analysis.

Result – passing an interview with a professional recruiter in order to consolidate the material learned in practice. Work on mistakes. Your interview will be filmed on video, which you will receive after the training.