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It seems like you’ve just cleaned up, but things are flying out of place again, the environment is starting to build up, and the trash is getting bigger.

If you thought you were the problem, you are not. Perhaps you should look at cleaning through Marie Kondo’s eyes?

Marie Kondo is a consultant and expert on the subject of tidying up, best-selling author of smart home organization books, and just a wonderful woman. She believes that: “Cleaning is a special event that happens in life.” Quite an interesting approach that will make your life easier 🙂

After our master class you will be able to:

  • put things in order in a matter of minutes:
  • easily get rid of things that weigh you down in everyday life;
  • put your clothes in such a way that you will permanently put your closet in order;
  • organize a space that will inspire and make you happy.