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Managers are not born, they become managers 🙂

Therefore, the skills inherent in managers can develop absolutely all of you.

To be a good manager is not about a typical “boss” who gives out tasks and scares and scolds his subordinates. No. This model is long outdated. Moreover, it has never been effective.

Sure, you can sit down and study a ton of literature on “How to Be a Cool Manager,” but we have a quicker, nicer solution.

Attend an “Executive Skills” workshop, after which you will be able to:

  • learn, a complete list of the qualities a manager needs;
  • find ways to develop and/or improve them;
  • establish communication with colleagues, partners, and company employees;
  • outline a plan for development as a manager for the near future;
  • receive useful materials in text, video and audio format, which will be useful for your professional development.