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Throughout our lives we communicate with people for different purposes: to get to know each other better, to expand useful contacts, to get a service, to sell goods and many other things.

Nonviolent communication is the kind of communication that should be applied in absolutely all spheres. It is the key to a successful, effective and healthy relationship between two people in different directions – from business to friendship.

Nonviolent communication is about how to convey to each other their desires, feelings, not turning communication into a one-sided dialogue, remaining in a respectful position regarding your partner.

After the training on non-violent communication you:

  • Learn how to communicate in a healthy way;
  • You will be able to express your emotions through self-messages, and not through verbal outbursts with bright colors;
  • Learn to gently assert personal boundaries;
  • Get rid of unconscious emotional violence toward other people;
  • Learn non-judgmental observation.