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Romantic relationships are such an important but complicated part of our lives. It takes a long way to create harmony, understanding, and love. But we are absolutely sure that it is worth it.

Unfortunately, not everyone can pass this test. Moreover, statistics show that 90% of couples are unhappy in marriage, and 60% get divorced in the first 5 years of the relationship. Why does this happen?

Silence, repressed emotions, imposed desires, inability to hear and listen, and toxic communication are all just some of the potential problems in a relationship that are not worked on. Yes, yes, harmony and understanding are the result of working together.

After a relationship workshop with a certified psychologist, you will learn how to:

  • find the source of conflict and discuss it;
  • talk emotions, desires, plans;
  • listen and hear each other;
  • recognize the importance of joint plans for life and build them;
  • recognize the partner’s love language;
  • build strong, harmonious, healthy, long-term relationships.