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What is so amazing about soapmaking? But as always, it all depends on the point of view. If you look at it with the strict view of a serious person, it is just a process of making natural soap at home. And if you look at it differently, then soap making is a wonderful, absolutely creative process that allows your imagination to play, gives you pleasure, and turns into a hobby.

You can create different shapes, original patterns, experiment with additives, oils and fragrances.

If you try this soap, you will immediately feel that it is much more fragrant, healthy and beautiful than soap made the industrial way, it even has its own character.

You may be surprised, but creating your own piece of soap is not as difficult as many people think.

We are absolutely sure about it, that’s why we invite you to get together and make your own home soap.

At the soapmaking workshop our master will share with you the secrets of the amazing process of soapmaking, will help you to choose a combination of oils, useful additives, natural dyes, essential oils, and make a piece of aromatic soap, making a unique recipe for your skin.

At our workshop you will learn:

  1. What the homemade soap is made from.
  2. What you can’t do without in soapmaking.
  3. How to make a balanced recipe and work with the soap calculator.
  4. How to work with lye, safety instructions and equipment.
  5. Soap varieties.
  6. Basic oils for soap making.
  7. Additives in soap (fragrances, herbs, clays, essential oils).
  8. Methods of soap making: we will talk in detail about the hot and cold methods, and about their subtleties and differences.

In the practical part we will make soap “from scratch” by the hot method. Each master class participant will be able to take part in this fascinating process at any stage of making. At the end of the master class we will give everyone a printout with basic recipes and useful tips.

You will have a wonderful time, learn a lot and go home satisfied, rested and with a piece of miracle soap, made by your own hands!

Come to our master-class, learn how to make soap at home!