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Enjoy the nature, learn the legends and history of the area, get professional photos and do the practice “Time Line” – this is a transformational photo tour to Chudnita Bridge. Its goal is to make personal development even more exciting by combining several activities into one rich day 🙂

In addition to like-minded women, in the transformational photo tour with you will be:

  • guide Marina Melnik, founder of Charinity and leader coach;
  • photographer: Alyona Delina.

Possible departure from:

  • Sunny Beach;
  • Nessebar;
  • Burgas.

Overnight stay in ETNO kaszta (garden, ethno house).

Why did we choose the practice “Time Line”?

Reaching our goals is an integral part of our journey. Throughout life we grow, develop, change needs and generate new desires. With this rhythm, it is important not to miss our true goals, recognize them in time and make a plan of action. The practice of Time Line will help.

How does it work?

Time Line – a 4-step process to achieve the goal.

  1. determine the end date of the result. 
  2. Mental immersion in the moment when you got what you want.
  3. Using the dissociation technique.
  1. analysis of the plan of action.

Ideally, if such practices are performed where everything inspires, pacifies, and allows concentration. And we found such a place in Bulgaria!

Chudnite Mostove (or Chudnye Bridges) is a beautiful place of strength, tranquility and harmony. 

Chudnite Bridges is a rock phenomenon that arose from the collapse of a water cave during an earthquake. The river carried away the debris, resulting in two rocky bridges of incredible beauty. The natural wonder is located 1,450 meters above sea level and consists of three arches. The length of the largest one is 96 meters and the width is 12-15 meters.

Sign up for a transformative photo tour to Chudnita Bridge to be inspired by the beauty, make your “Time Line”, get great photos and just enjoy your time in pleasant company!