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Come to our workshop and the result will surpass all your expectations! You’ll have a great time, learn how to paint with watercolors and have a lot of fun!

At our master-class you will learn how to create paintings with watercolor with a broad and thin brush, how to trace details and create a background carefully.

Watercolor painting is a technique of painting with water-soluble paints which, when applied to paper, create an effect of lightness and transparency.

Watercolors are one of artists’ favorites. They can be used for creating a beautiful picture even if you can’t paint at all.

Watercolor paintings are always light and airy. At the master class we give you everything for watercolor: paints, brushes and paper. The watercolor technique means very accurate work because watercolor paint is not only water-soluble, but also very fluid. We choose easy watercolor paintings for you if this is your first experience of painting with watercolor paints.

Watercolor paintings are surprisingly light and airy. But the process of creating paintings is even more interesting and mysterious. A master class in watercolor painting in the art studio is an opportunity to learn about the features of this type of painting and learn how to create real watercolor paintings on paper.

For watercolor painting they use a special watercolor paper that has higher density but doesn’t get soaked. Watercolor paper has a variety of textures that add picturesque effects to a watercolor painting.

There are actually many reasons why you should attend a Watercolor Master Class. Let’s list the most basic ones:

  • In just three hours of class, you will be able to make your dream come true. You’ll have a finished watercolor painting on your hands, which is sure to become an object of your pride. You will see that such a ??? beauty could be painted by yourself. Even if before it seems to you that you do not know how to draw.
  • Made by you a picture you can take home.  At home you can pass the picture in any place and still long to admire it.
  • You can choose a subject independently from the proposed options, so it will be interesting and pleasant to draw the image. Perhaps it will be your favorite type of landscape, flowers or something else.
  • Lessons are conducted by our experienced artists-teachers. At the beginning they will tell you about the peculiarities of watercolors and watercolor techniques, then they will show by example how to paint watercolor paintings in real life and then help you to paint your first high-quality watercolor picture.
  • Teaching process is built on the base of 10% theory and 90% practice, so during the master class you get necessary skills of working with watercolors that you can develop on your own.
  • Training is held in a cozy and comfortable studio, where you can fully immerse yourself in the creative process and forget about all your problems.
  • For each person we have prepared a separate workplace, and equipped it with everything you need. Therefore, there is no need to bring paints, paper, brushes and so on. We have already taken care of everything and included the cost of all accessories in the total price of the master class.

Watercolor drawings are always light and airy. At the master class, we give you everything for watercolor: paints, brushes and paper. The watercolor technique means very accurate work because watercolor paint is not only water-soluble but also very fluid. If this is your first watercolor painting experience, we’ll find easy watercolor paintings for you.

Watercolor drawings for beginners may seem complicated, but at the master class an experienced artist will tell you how to paint in watercolor. The watercolor technique becomes less complicated after a master class at our art studio.

At the watercolor workshop you will learn about all the subtleties and laws of painting with watercolors.