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Harmonious Development of Women School

In our school you will find local and global programs that empower Women's development. Each course and workshop focuses on finding and developing harmony and balance in a woman's work and life.


Charinity is a place where you can find harmony and balance

We create the Charinity project for ourselves, for our friends and colleagues, and for all women who want to find inner harmony, balance, to feel the continuous joy of living here and now: working, creating, traveling, learning new things, caring for themselves, leading everyday life, bringing new-found strength and joy to everyone and to every one of their activities.

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Develop each element of personality according to the Harmonious Development Map

Карта гармоничного развития
One-to-one course

"The Whole Personality"

It all starts with a whole person, in which the 4 key aspects are balanced: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

This is a basic 1-month program.

Then you will be able to determine your current location with the help of the Harmonious Development Map and build a strategy for reaching a new level of interaction with the world.

Charinity is for women who want to walk the path of harmony